How To Submit To A Human Edited Directory

Human edited directories are not search engines, yet many webmaster and SEO companies tend to treat them like one. It makes you wonder if they understand what the term “Human Edited” actually means. Some of the websites that get submitted to Linkopedia violate all our guidelines, yet the person submitting the site went through the process of registering for an account, filling in the submission form, and paying the required fee.

Almost all reputable human edited directories have a Terms of Service page and it is important to read it. Often times, people will submit a site that does not comply with our submission guidelines and then get angry when the site is declined. If they actually took a few minutes to read the Terms of Service they would know in advance that the website was not suitable for inclusion in the first place.

The difference between a human edited directory and a free for all directory is the quality of sites that are listed. Not all, but many free directories are automated. No one is looking at the submission and links are automatically added to the category in which they were submitted to, even if they are off topic. With no regulations in place webmasters often take advantage of the situation and submit sites with long titles and descriptions stuffed with keywords or write descriptions that read like one big a promotional ad. Getting listed in such a directory can do your site more harm that good.

When submitting your website to a human edited directory keep in mind that an actual person will be looking at the submission. First read the Terms of Service page to make sure your site qualifies for a listing, especially if the directory changes a review fee. When filling in the submission form use the business/website name as the title instead of keywords, don’t use all CAPS in the title area or capitalize the first letter of every word in the description. Write a concise description, just a summary of what your site is about, avoid using promotional hype, mentioning special offers or deals that are subject to change, and don’t include a telephone number or street address. Remember, the better you write your description, the less we have to edit.

We often receive angry emails from customers asking why we edited their title. Just to clarify. When we change the title, opting to use the business/website name instead of the keywords that were originally submitted, our objective is to avoid having duplicate titles in our listings. Allowing keyword titles often results in having numerous listings that read; Cheap Car Insurance, Discount Holidays, Best Car Deals, Personal Injury Lawyer, etc… well you get the point.

Quality directories, especially the older ones have value and are still worth submitting your site to. They act as a quick way to gain exposure to a new website, help it get picked up by the bigger search engines and although they won’t send you a ton of traffic, in the online world, every visitor counts. It is a mistake to depend only on search engines to bring traffic to your website – search engines are fickle, you may be on top of the search results today, but tomorrow your website may disappear, listed hundreds of pages deep where no one will find it. Isn’t is better to have a little traffic from many different websites than none at all?

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