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Webpage thumbnail generators instantly captures screenshots of a page and scales it proportionally. Thumbnail images are often used in link directories and on website review pages to allow users to see a preview of a page before they click on it.

Shrink The Web

In my search for free online webpage thumbnail generators I didn’t come across too many, only a couple appealed to me. Out of all the one’s I tested, Shrink the Web was one of my favourites – it was fast, had more features, generated good quality thumbnails and allowed free users a choice of up to 6 images, whereas most of them only allowed for 2.

Registration isn’t required to generate basic thumbnail, and will suit most users need. Just enter the URL of the webpage you want to capture and within seconds you’ll be presented with a reduced image of the page – sizes range from a 320×240 image right down to a 75×56 image, there are six different thumbnail sizes to choose from. Select the image you want and save it to your computer. It’s that easy!

If you are looking for something a bit more advanced such as capturing inside pages, custom sizes and better resolution or full length pages, you can pay a small monthly fee to take advantage of the Pro Features. There are 8 different options available ( priced individually) or you can use all of them for one monthly fee.

Thumbnail image generated by Shrink The Web
thumbnail example

Thumbalizr is another good one. One perk to using this service is that it does allows free users to generate custom sized thumbnail images. It is similar to Shrink the Web as far as speed goes, thumbnail images are quite good and it also offered a premium paid account with extra features such as having the ability to watermark images.

Thumbnail image generated by Thumbalizr
thumbnail example

MegaSnap was another one I considered, but as a free user I was only able to generate a 400×313 screenshot. For all other sizes you have to purchase a monthly plan with prices ranging from $3.99 up to $29.95.

Thumbnail image generated by MegaSnaps
thumbnail example

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